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Maker of dark and organic sounds under various monikers in industrial, powernoise, synth, techno, house, noise, soundscape and adjacent styles. Original albums, EPs, remix and sound design.

Have converted most of 20 year back catalogue to digitally available free or donation and CC licensed with more to come.

Feel free to drop some support here if you appreciate the catalogue and be on the bleeding edge for new release as we experiment with audio and visual and divest from as many exploitative platforms as possible.

* You will get the entire control freak catalogue past present and future!

* Every month I will post at least 1 exclusive track from the vault including out of print compilation tracks, remixes, covers, self inflicted bootlegs from cassette, you name it. Honestly we've already identified awesome stuff for the next year. From day 1 as we build some profile we've already pre-loaded some some hard to find C2 mixes.

* You will also get first crack at all new material and while 2019 was quiet, we are gonna end it with some new SP UNITED and in 2020 there will be new material launching every quarter. new SP United single in time to be the xmas #1 in the UK, yussss, up yours the power of love! In addition to dusting off the dj mindstalker moniker, there will be new C2 AND org! as well as a few really amazing art and audio collabs launching the entity. Promising at least new 1 album, a couple EPs, and various tracks over the next year. phew!

* I am developing industrial, dark and organic sound and loop mini libraries to release also under CC and you will get first crack at those.

* Also, a series of live web performances! The first will be C2 sound system in Feb/March a live performance and mashup of over 20 years of all our stuff performed as a cross between live PA and instrumental. Discussing performers for the following shows to really make some special shiz.

Making music for health and social conscious and you are welcome to come along for the ride. Reach out for any custom sound design, scoring, remix or collaboration requests. Any support here helps with web and production costs we usually just eat so never expected, always appreciate. Let's stomp together in 2020.



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    -anything we can think of cause damn you rock
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New Zealand

a broken shortwave radio, 1/2 roll of electrical tape

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you bloody legend! mad thanks for helping to keep the fire burning

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New Zealand

a broken shortwave radio, 1/2 roll of electrical tape